Tapas Style Restaurant

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When you have your heart set on a tapas style restaurant, nothing else is going to feed that craving. Searching for tapas near me will lead you to The Mick Brasserie. This place is sure to come up in your “best restaurants near me,” search. We strive to deliver on the creation of exquisite dishes that will make even the most discerning critic nostalgic.


The Mick Brasserie is the best tapas restaurant in Scottsdale. While we may be a bit biased, we are positive that you will agree. Being one of the “best restaurants near me,” we pride ourselves on our staff’s incredible talent to create this beautiful tapas style restaurant.


Scottsdale has a history of good food. There have been many excellent restaurants that have come and gone over the years. The Mick Brasserie isn’t going to be one of those that didn’t last. We create authentic, fresh, high-quality French cuisine, and will continue to provide Scottsdale with incredible food choices for a fantastic price.


As a tapas style restaurant, we provide an exquisite menu and a full wine list. Let our staff take care of your lunch or dinner party. We are able to take pre-orders and provide takeout or in-house dining. When you are looking for a delicious tapas dining experience, be sure to think of The Mick Brasserie. Our talented staff provides the best service around.


When you think of a tapas style restaurant or are searching for “tapas near me,” Spanish cuisine is usually your first thought. We offer a very French interpretation of tapas, keeping with the tradition of sharing food with friends and family. By celebrating French ingredients, we strive to provide a genuinely international dine-in restaurant experience.


Searching for the “best restaurants near me” will give you several results. Our guests have left us Yelp and Google reviews, and so far, we have a perfect 5-star rating. Come in and see for yourself how we create a fusion of fantastic, authentic French cuisine with fresh, sustainable, seasonal ingredients and a flair for the bold, delicious, and delicate.


Ultimately, we are a tapas restaurant in Scottsdale with a history of exquisite cuisine and an exceptional wine list. Our talented staff is able to help you pair the perfect bottle of wine with your chosen menu items. We start by training our staff in the intricacies of wine pairing and guide them through the best possible combinations for each dish we serve.


Wishing you could find the “best restaurant near me?” As a tapas style restaurant, we offer a fine dining experience beyond the expected. Do you want to have a glass of wine with your meal? We will help you pair it perfectly. Is beer more your style? We offer a fantastic list of beers on tap, as well as several bottles. Eat in the dining room or on the patio. Enjoy the cool evening breeze while eating at a tapas restaurant in Scottsdale.