Spirits and Wine

Wine and Dine at The Mick Brasserie.

Are you searching around for a “wine bar near me?” Here at The Mick, we bring our expertise to selecting a wide range of exceptional spirits and wine to create spectacular libations for our customers. Are you looking to wine and dine a client? Victuals and libations are a fantastic combination for setting the tone of a business meeting.


Spirits and wine have long been staples of a good meal. The term wine and dine is synonymous with taking a business acquaintance out to dinner.


Pairing wine with the right food has an entire industry dedicated to it. There has been so much written about wine pairings that even those who don’t drink usually understand the traditional wine, cheese, and pear pairings. Okay. Let’s put a twist on that.


Spirits are generally overlooked in America as a proper drink to pair with foods. Should you be ordering a cocktail? Or should you go with a neat drink? Cocktails come with their own challenges with food pairing. A well-made cocktail will give you a perfect balance of sweet, sour, and bitter notes that don’t need any accompaniment to reach their goal. Pairing that experience with a spectacular meal is in its face lessening the experience of both.


If you still want your spirits with your meal, think of having them neat. It’s the proper norm around the world. For example, in Russia, ice-cold vodka accompanies most meals. Agave in Mexico, Scandinavia has aquavit, and the Levant has arak.


Starting your experimentation for the perfect libations to go with your victuals should probably begin with something clear that isn’t aged in a barrel. They will have a much less assertive flavor than a barrel-aged whiskey or Scotch. These drinks will be more likely to agree with a broad range of dishes. Let’s take a peek and see some of the more approachable, yet still quite fresh, fragrant, and flavorful options to pair with your meals.


Blanco Tequila is a flavorful, spicy, savory drink with floral, earthy, citrus notes. These characteristics make it more than a sidecar to the dish. The meal becomes involved with the drink, giving the dish a much more pronounced flavor.


Ceviche is always a good choice when pairing a Tequila, as they lend each other such a fantastically nuanced taste. Think of the ceviche as a delivery system for the lemon or lime juice for the citrus to follow your sips.


Sake is widely popular in America. In Japan, however, the drink of choice to pair with a meal is shochu. A clear spirit generally distilled from base ingredients like sweet potato, rice, or barley. While it may not have as high an abv as Tequila (it comes in around 25-30%), it pairs well as a neat drink for a delicious meal.


Due to the variety of base ingredients, shochu pairs with almost anything. The more delicately flavored rice shochu is perfect for light flavors, sushi, or sashimi. Grilled meats pair better with a richer shochu distilled with barley.


After perusing our many spirits, you may still find yourself in the mood for a more traditional wine. We have a fantastic wine list and will give you recommendations based on the dishes you order. Since we are a tapas style restaurant and our dishes are made for sharing, why not indulge and try a few different options to see which one speaks the most clearly to you.


Our wine list includes an extensive list of whites, reds, champagnes, dessert wines, ports, and brandies. We have over 40 bottles available by the glass.


Wine and food go hand in hand. The wine needs to be of a high enough quality to avoid the unnecessary bitterness that may ruin a tasty dish. Let our talented staff provide you with exceptional care and suggest the perfect pairings so you can avoid the pitfall of having a bad match. We strive to provide the best of both worlds for you.