Restaurants Near Me

Have you looked for food nearby by searching “restaurants near me?”

Eating local food nearby is a great way to help out local businesses and eat healthy, fresh foods—our chefs’ source as much as possible from local growers. When you eat locally, you are supporting the local economy more than eating at a chain restaurant. Locally owned and operated restaurants generally have a more local connection to their suppliers as well.


As a locally owned restaurant, we have a strong connection with our fellow local business owners. Supporting local “restaurants near me” is a great way to keep your local community prospering.


The Mick Brasserie staff and owners are proud of our support for local sourcing of food nearby. We search through the farmer’s markets, speak with the growers themselves, and establish relationships with the producers that meet our requirements for quality and freshness.


Our chefs and owners work hard to build strong local networks throughout the farming community. We want to be able to rely on local produce for all of our needs and are always moving toward this goal. There will always be a few ingredients that will need to be sourced internationally, but we try to use food nearby as much as possible.


The farmers in our community are creating more collaborative relationships with us all the time. Collaborating with farmers gives us the opportunity to source food nearby while also being able to stick to the highest quality produce and meats. With locally sourced foods, we can present innovative and exquisite dishes that are a fusion between classic French cuisine and more local, traditional fare. We search for restaurants near me that also source locally so that we can work alongside them in partnerships with the produce and meat growers.


The environmental impact of shipping foods around the world is getting more substantial. Locally sourcing foods nearby reduces the environmental impact and delivers a highly authentic, local experience.


If you are looking for “restaurants near me,” think of the impact that restaurant has on the local community. Does the bulk of the money you spend stay locally, or is it sent out of state to a corporate office? Beginning to plan where you want your money to go after you spend it will lead you down a path of social awareness that helps the community.


A great thing to search for instead of “food near me” is to search for “locally owned restaurant near me,” or “locally sourced restaurant near me.” These search options will put you in touch with the local restaurants and food growers in your community. At The Mick Brasserie, we are locally owned, locally sourced, and involved in our local community. Stop in and say hi.