Our Story

Restaurateur and chef Brent is  bringing together his three loves. People, food, and travel into a modern interpretation a French Brasserie

A curiosity for art, style, travel with a passion for great cooking and the opportunity to enrich the lives of others over the dinner table have been Chef Brent Menke's motivations since the beginning of his career.

The Mick Brasserie is the venue to showcase  the rich techniques that exemplify exceptional cooking and genuine hospitality.

A strong believer that greatness comes from collaboration, Chef Brent creates an environment where his staff can evolve their techniques while working with some of the highest quality meat, fish, vegetables, wines, and beers from around the world.

Chef de Cuisine Simona Lauren
Her culinary philosophy is the purity of fresh, seasonal and sustainable ingredients is a celebration of its priceless legacy.

Simona Lauren discovered her love for cooking as a child in her grandmother’s kitchen back in Europe.
Her culinary style  - crafted, delicate and bold.
While growing she spend a lot of time in the countryside, where she learned a lot about fresh, local ingredients and how to use them.
Simona's determination to grow led her to move in Norway and learn from the best Austrian, German, Italian and French chefs to master fine dining cuisine.

Where she worked as an Executive Chef for one of the best restaurants in Norway.
After moving to United States she started working as a private chef and restaurant advisor.