French Cuisine

Are you searching for a French restaurant “near me?”

You’ve happened upon The Mick Brasserie. We are the premier French restaurant in Scottsdale. Our French cuisine is created in-house with fresh ingredients by our master chef Brent Menke, specializing in international flavors for our tapas style plates. Perfect for sharing, our tapas plates are delicious and innovatively crafted.


Dine-in restaurants are available on every corner, but for the discerning eater, a quick search for “French restaurants near me,” may turn up a hidden gem. Finding a French restaurant in Scottsdale is much easier now that we at The Mick Brasserie have opened our doors. Eating at dine-in restaurants can be a unique experience, filled with memories and delicious food. We are certain that you’ll have an incredible experience when you dine-in with us.


Our Chef de Cuisine is Simona Lauren. She holds her culinary creations to the highest standards. Using fresh, sustainable, seasonal ingredients, she crafts delicate and bold flavors that overflow with freshness. Her love of cooking comes from her time spent with her grandmother when she was a child.


Art, travel, style, a passion for great food, and an opportunity to bring people together around the dinner table have been Chef/Owner Brent Menke’s motivational drive since he began his career. The Mick Brasserie showcases the exceptional food and hospitality that he has always passionately pursued.


Our staff has the opportunity to grow and learn while working with meat, vegetables, fish, wines, and beers, all of the highest quality. Sourcing fresh ingredients keeps our customers coming back for more. We are continually growing our techniques and expanding our range of offerings. Depending heavily on what is fresh and in season, we may have a new special every night of the week, with the ingredients being sourced from around the world.


The cuisine that is touted as the original elegant, delicious, flavorful, and complex dish is the French cuisine. Finding a “French restaurant near me” is every discerning eater’s dream, or a nightmare if the quality is poor. The Mick Brasserie is the dream French brasserie you’ve been searching for.


These days, French cuisine is considered the benchmark for exquisite, sophisticated dishes with superior tastes. Every region of France has its own local traditions, which have been honed and perfected for hundreds of years. French cuisine can be summed up by taking the best of all available ingredients and combining them to create a unique dish that still preserves the flavor of each ingredient.


French cuisine is not just cooked here; it is created with passion and a flair for the extravagant. Art drives our vision. We strive to serve you beautiful, exceptionally crafted food and drink while providing you with a relaxed, laid back vibe. Come in and see for yourself. You will love the wine list almost as much as the Grilled Noble Sourdough appetizer.