Beer Tap House

We are the best beer tap house and local restaurants in Scottsdale.

Are you searching your neighborhood for a “bar and grill near me?” The Mick Brasserie is the perfect beer tap house for you and your friends. We offer a large beer selection and are proud to be one of the highest-rated local restaurants in Scottsdale.


You may be wondering what a beer tap house is. Simply put, it is an area in which a brewery serves their brews. Many breweries use tap houses or taprooms in different ways. Customers view them in different ways, as well.


It isn’t exactly a bar, but it is close. When you search for a Bar and grill near me, you’ll come across our restaurant. We are a bar and grill, a tapas style restaurant, and a local restaurant in Scottsdale. We also have a patio, but let’s not get carried away.


A beer tap house generally contains a bar and an area with more seating options like on the patio or indoors. This will allow the tap house to accommodate a vast range of customers. At The Mick Brasserie, we offer food along with beer. Strike that. We offer exceptional dishes along with our exceptional beer offerings.


Some beer tap house entertainment options used at other restaurants provide games and TVs. The actual reason for a beer tap house is to bring friends and family together, not give us all another way to disconnect from those around us.


We are one of the best local restaurants in Scottsdale, and as such, we feel it is of vital importance to bring our local community together. A strong local community brings with it a culture of happiness and prosperity. Special community events take place around beer tap houses.


When you search for a “bar and grill near me,” keep in mind that our large beer selection includes several beers on draft as well as an extensive bottled beer selection. We are proud of our excellent beer selection and are looking forward to sharing it with you.


As a contender for best local restaurants in Scottsdale, we boast a wine list of more than 40 bottles by the glass. We also have 24 craft beers on tap and more bottles and cans of beer than you could imagine.


If you don’t want a beer, keep in mind that we offer a full range of spirits and an exhaustive wine list. Maybe a cocktail created by one of our mixologists, or a bottle of wine recommended by our in-house experts. Making the choice of what to drink might be harder than selecting your food.


When you are out and about looking for a place to eat, searching for a “bar and grill near me” is a stock option. Our bar and grill is a perfect choice and will never disappoint. Whether you are searching for a beer tap house or a bar and grill, stop in and try some of our delectable dishes. We have a large beer selection to go along with your meal.